Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Curriculum Library: A New Collection of Books!

The library is happy to announce the addition of a sizable collection of curricular materials to our shelves.  These materials can be used by students in Education and related fields to study and develop curricula, lesson plans, and instructional experiences for K-12 students.

Many of these books were previously housed in the Golisano Academic Center by the School of Education.  The library has been happy to accept the books as a donation; over the past several months we have been busy cataloging the books so that they are easier for students to find and use.  With the help of Kathi Sigler at St. John Fisher's Lavery Library, we have also selected some additional books.  We will welcome faculty and student input on adding to the collection in the future.

Items from the Curriculum Library are shelved with the main collection.  So, for example, an Algebra textbook will be shelved with other books on Algebra (rather than in the Education section).

You can search for items in PRIMO by searching for "curriculum library" as a subject heading (see below).  There are currently 95 items assigned to that heading, but you can expect that number to grow!

When you click on a search result, take note of the call number, which will tell you where to find the book in the library collection.

If you would like to filter your search results further, use the Advanced Search page to include relevant keywords, such as "Language Arts," "Mathematics," or "History."

For questions and comments about the curriculum library, feel free to contact the library and we will direct you to the right person!

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