Thursday, February 23, 2017

TV News Archive: Search 1,300,000+ US TV News Broadcasts!

The TV News Archive, originally released in 2012, is an amazing resource for journalists, scholars, teachers and students.

In the Archive you can view over a million video clips from United States news broadcasts aired since 2009.

You can navigate the archive in a number of ways:

  • Search closed captions and transcripts
  • Use advanced search to search by network/broadcaster
  • View clips from 1,333,000 shows since 2009
  • Share custom show clips and track popularity
  • Browse by special topics, such as 9/11, Trump Archive, and more!

The TV News Archive is run by the Internet Archive:  "The Internet Archive works to preserve the published works of human kind. Standing on the shoulders of Vanderbilt University’s Television News Archive project, the Internet Archive collects and preserves television news. Like library collections of books and newspapers, this accessible archive of TV news enables anyone to compare, contrast and quote statements from this influential medium."

More tips

Scan and view show segments:
  • Shows are presented in 60 second segments, each with a video and corresponding transcript text.
  • Scroll left and right to scan through segments of a show; search terms are highlighted in transcript text.
  • To search within a show transcript text try Ctrl + F to search inside the page.
Share and embed short clips/quotes from a show:

  • Shareable quotes are limited to 60 seconds. Refine your quote selection by clicking the “Edit” button and dragging the handles.
  • Click a social media button to finalize and share your quote.
  • Your quote will be assigned a permalink. You can always come back to see it!
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