Friday, March 31, 2017

Exploring the scholarship on electric and hybrid cars

In honor of Nazareth College's new car-charging stations, we decided to see what interesting aspects of hybrid and electric cars scholars are researching.

In the social sciences, Xinghua Li (2016) has studied hybrid car advertisements in both the United States and China.  The author uses psychoanalytic techniques to deconstruct the subconscious meanings of advertising discourse.
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In urban planning, researchers have looked at the policies surrounding electric and hybrid cars, and how they can encourage their adoption (van Wee, Maat, & De Bont 2012).
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In the field of design, researchers have studied how hybrid and electric cars are styled to 'signal' their eco-friendliness (Lee, Jung & Chu 2015).
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Of course, most research is in the fields of physics and engineering.  Here are a few examples:

Wang, L., & Song, Y. (2015). Multiple Charging Station Location-Routing Problem with Time Window of Electric Vehicle. Journal Of Engineering Science & Technology Review, 8(5), 190-201.

Zhen, Z., Chau, K. T., Chunhua, L., Chun, Q., & Fei, L. (2014). An efficient wireless power transfer system with security considerations for electric vehicle applications. Journal Of Applied Physics, 115(17), 17A328-1-17A328-3. doi:10.1063/1.4866238

Ahn, Y., & Yeo, H. (2015). An Analytical Planning Model to Estimate the Optimal Density of Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles. Plos ONE, 10(11), 1-26. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0141307

Want to read more?  Try searching the library's EBSCO Discovery Search box on the library homepage, which searches all of our library databases.  Here are some keywords to try:
  • hybrid vehicles
  • electric vehicles
  • battery charging stations
  • environment
  • sustainability
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