Friday, September 1, 2017

Nazareth College History: A Peek Into the Archives

Welcome to a new year at Nazareth College! If you’re new to campus, be sure to check out the Archives page on the library’s website. There you’ll find a brief history of the college which might fill in some details not covered in a campus tour. Nazareth College has a proud heritage spanning 93 years of educational excellence - and a home away from home for students from near and far.

The Gleaner, available online from 1926 to 2007, was the college newspaper published by and for students, and provides a wonderful glimpse into college life over the years. By reading The Gleaner you can see what was important to students at various times in our history, and learn how they reacted to issues important to them.

In the 1960’s a number of Nazareth students responded to the call to join President Kennedy’s Peace Corps.  We have some wonderful letters in the archives written by volunteers from overseas.

The Gleaner also documents how students perceived the Vietnam War, national elections, and other events over the years.  On a lighter note, they also wondered if the library was open late enough!

The Gleaner also offers glimpses of historical fashion: a Nazareth coed even made national news when chosen as one of the nation’s best dressed in 1963!

So if you have a moment, check out The Gleaner. Having such a resource really does give us a chance to peek into past college life, which in many ways was not so different from ours.

If you have any questions, or would like to see The Gleaner and other archival materials in person, please let us know!

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