Monday, January 8, 2018

Chicago Manual of Style: 17th Edition

The newest edition of the Chicago Manual of Style was released in Fall 2017.  We have a copy located at the Reference Desk, and have updated our Chicago Citing Handouts.

The goods news is that there are very few changes that will affect how the majority of students use Chicago Style to cite their sources!  Some changes are noted below, along with information on where students can learn more in the Manual.

The biggest change is that Chicago is giving more clarification on how scholars should cite digital materials.  As before, they emphasize citing digital sources using a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) when available.  For most articles, the DOI will be listed on the first page (1.33).  The other option is to use a permalink (rather than copying a URL directly from the browser address bar) (14.9).  Most databases have a Permalink or Durable URL function (look for something that looks like a link chain).

They have also expanded their description of how to cite websites, blogs, and social media (14.205-10).

You can read a full description of what's new in the 17th Edition on the Chicago Manual of Style website.

The Washington Post has a somewhat humorous take on the changes.  The OWL at Purdue has also updated their Chicago Manual of Style tip sheets.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

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